Contract IT Recruitment

At Entasis Partners, we specialise in Contract IT Recruitment, providing swift and flexible on-demand talent solutions to meet your evolving business needs. Our expert team leverages a vast network and cutting-edge sourcing strategies to identify and engage top contract professionals. We understand the dynamic nature of contract roles and are committed to delivering quick, efficient recruitment services tailored to various industries. Features include:

  • Outcome based Statement of Work (SoW)
  • MSP Capabilities
  • Inside & Outside IR35 Solutions
  • IR35 Assessments for instant determination
  • Umbrella Companies - FCSA Accredited Partner

Optimise Your Contract Recruitment with On-Demand Talent Solutions from Entasis Partners

Engaging with Entasis Partners for Contract Tech Recruitment offers unparalleled advantages, whether through retained, exclusive, or multi-hire agreements. Our adept team specialises in swiftly identifying and securing top contract talent, streamlining your hiring process and reducing the time and effort required from your end.

Elite IT Contract Professionals

Entasis Partners boasts an expansive network encompassing elite contract professionals in Tech & IT, spanning a diverse range of industries, each adept in enterprise architecture and technological innovation.

Efficient IT Contract Recruitment

Entasis Partners' tailored contract recruitment process for Tech & IT roles in enterprise architecture guarantees rapid turnaround and exceptional talent acquisition, ensuring your organisation receives the best-fit contract professionals promptly.

Bespoke IT Contract Solutions

Entasis Partners offers bespoke contract recruitment services, meticulously crafted to align with your specific hiring needs in the tech and enterprise architecture sectors.

Experience the Advantages of Contract IT Recruitment with Entasis Partners

Entasis Partners' Contract IT Recruitment delivers elite talent to propel your business. Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we identify contract professionals who not only meet your technical requirements but also resonate with your company's culture and objectives.

Permanent Tech & IT Recruitment

The Entasis Partners Approach to Contract IT Recruitment

Entasis Partners' contract recruitment service for IT and Enterprise Architecture streamlines hiring. Utilising a vast network and advanced techniques, we pinpoint top contract professionals.

Our meticulous multi-step screening ensures only the most qualified candidates reach you, easing your hiring process. Our approach grants access to an extensive pool of candidates, filtering to present only the best.

We manage interviews and offer negotiations, making it simpler to hire exceptional talent. With our expertise in sourcing, screening, and facilitation, you can fill roles efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on selecting ideal candidates for your needs.

Finding Talent

Leveraging our expansive network and sophisticated sourcing methods, we at Entasis Partners excel in identifying ideal candidates for your contract positions in tech and enterprise architecture, ensuring a perfect match for your company's specific needs.

Screening Process

At Entasis Partners, our meticulous screening process is designed to ensure that only the highest quality and most qualified candidates are presented to you for your contract roles in tech and enterprise architecture.

Interviewing and Selection

Entasis Partners aids in streamlining the interview and selection process for contract roles, guiding you towards making informed and effective hiring decisions in the tech and enterprise architecture sectors.

Offer Negotiation

Entasis Partners provides assistance in negotiating offers, ensuring a smooth and successful conclusion to the hiring process for contract positions in tech and enterprise architecture.

Contract IT Recruitment FAQs

Find answers to common questions about our Contract Tech Recruitment services.

How does it work?

Entasis Partners' Contract IT Recruitment process is comprehensive, involving meticulous screening, interviewing, and matching of candidates to ensure they align perfectly with your company's specific needs and project requirements.

What are the benefits?

By leveraging Entasis Partners' Contract IT Recruitment, you'll save time and resources, allowing our skilled team to manage the hiring process effectively on your behalf.

What industries do you serve?

Entasis Partners offers Contract IT Recruitment services in a range of sectors including tech, IT, finance, healthcare, and more, bringing specialised expertise to each field.

What is the cost?

The pricing for Entasis Partners' Contract IT Recruitment services are tailored to your company's unique requirements. For a customised quote, please get in touch with us.

What is your success rate?

Entasis Partners boasts a strong track record in successfully placing candidates in contract roles, particularly in  Enterprise Architecture. Our team is committed to ensuring the ideal match for your company's specific needs.

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